AI brain for mobile robots


Innovative Navigation 

Continuing our commitment to innovation, we have developed a comprehensive navigation framework, exemplified by the introduction of UnoBox and UnoPilot.



These modular intelligent navigation modules cater to various mobile robot chassis types, including differential drive, Ackerman steering, Mecanum wheel, and Legged robots.

Robot Arm Expertise

Showcasing proficiency in manipulating robot arms, we unveiled the UnoArm module.


This module is meticulously crafted to facilitate intricate and complex movements of robot arms in environments fraught with uncertainty. The arm serves as the component through which the robot interacts with the real world, and our designed module plays a crucial role in enabling these interactions.

The X-Man Robot

We emphasize the collaboration between a mobile chassis and a robot arm, exemplified by the X-man robot—an expression of our highest accomplishments and ambitions in the field of robotics. Humanoid robots, for example, can be described as having a two-legged chassis accompanied by two robot arms. In contrast, other robotic configurations encompass wheel chassis, legged chassis, and even hybrid wheel-leg chassis.

UnoBox: Ultimate brain for X-man robot

UnoBox, our all-encompassing sensor suite, integrates GPS, 4G/5G connectivity, 360-degree vision, stereo sensors, IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), magnetic sensors, barometers, AI chips, CAN bus, and serial ports—all packed within a smartphone-sized device. Much like the indispensable role of a smartphone in our daily lives, UnoBox serves as the intelligent brain for our X-man robot.