AI brain for mobile robots

Plug&Play UnoBox

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What we do?

We develop the cognitive systems for mobile robots, equipping them with advanced vision capabilities similar to humans. Our UnoBox serves as an all-in-one sensor suite, seamlessly integrating into mobile robots to function as their eyes and brains. It enables these robots to navigate large-scale environments and perform intricate arm manipulations with ease.

Map-lite UnoPilot

We provide UnoPilot, catering to a diverse range of mobile robot chassis types, including differential drive, Ackerman steering, Mecanum wheel, and Legged robots.

Vision-based UnoArm


UnoArm specializes in robot arm manipulation within uncertain environments, employing a pure vision system.

Whole-body Planning

We envision the ideal mobile robot as a fusion of a versatile chassis and a capable robot arm. Bringing these elements together transforms the robot into the X-man.

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Our Journey Through Milestones

Between 2015 and 2017, the initial large-scale navigation system based solely on vision was implemented on Pioneer robots, utilizing a pure floorplan map of the environment.

Between 2018 and 2019, we successfully deployed the first cross-platform pure vision navigation module on an actual vehicle., relying solely on GPS maps and monocular cameras.

Collaborated with the Singaporean government agency GovTech for patrols and temperature testing at Bishan Park, ensuring the well-being of individuals during the COVID19 pandemic.

Our products are utilized in robotic inspections, semiconductor factories, and intelligent firefighting sectors. We have also forged strategic partnerships with more than ten robotics companies.